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What is Computer Network?

Computer network is group of interlinked computers that are connected by various networking devices such as router, switch.

A computer network consists of many computers and associated with other networking devices (router, switch) in order to share resources.(hardware and software resources).

Now let’s discuss some common terms like (node , station host, etc).

What is Network Node?

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In a networking, node is an electronic device, capable of creating, receiving, transmitting information over a network.

Example : switch, router, bridge, computer.

What is station?

Any device that has MAC address and physical layer interface connected to a wire or wireless medium is defined as a station.

Example : laptop, desktop, mobile, work station.

What is host?

An example of host based IDS and Network based IDS

Host is a computer or a device connected to another device in a computer network.

It can provide information, services, and applications to user or other nodes on the network.

NOTE : HOST has a network address.(IP address)

EXAMPLE : Computer

 NOTE : Every host in a network is a node but not every node is considered as a host.

For instance : node is defined anything(router, switch) in a network, whereas host requires an IP address. ( kind of..😀

# Okay now very important ! Transmission medium. It is important because, without any transmission medium how data will be transmit? But before that 👇#

What is transmission media?

So! basically transmission media is a medium that carries information from sender to receiver.

It is also known as the communication channel.

Now! 👇

Transmission medium

 So ! There are two types of transmission medium.

1) Wired (guided medium)

For instance : Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic (very fast ! Do you know why? If yes, then comment below.)

2) Wireless (unguided medium).

For instance : radio waves.

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What is bandwidth?

DEFINITION : In a computer network bandwidth is the amount of data, transferred from one point to another point in one second.

Measure in bits/second, Mbps/second and Gbps/second.

What is router?

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Router is a device which connects different networks and manage all the incoming and outgoing data packets. And lastly routes all the traffic (data packets) from it source to destination.

Also known as gateway of a network.

What is subnet?

Basically ! Subnet (subnetwork) is logical separate part of a network.

For instance : In office there are 3 subnetworks.

1) Account department.

 2) Sales department.

 3) IT department.

And sales -D and account -D can’t communicate (I mean data sharing) with each other but they both can communicate with it department ( for help or fix some problem like software errors or hardware problems ).

What I did :  At the same geographic location I divided one single network to 3 different logical network.

Do you understand or 😵🤯 ?

>> And guys the main purpose of this concept is to save extra IP address..

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