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Friday, March 5, 2021

What is Self-confidence??

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Hello readers!! Let’s explore today about what is self-confidence?We will look into various forms and characteristics of improving your self-confidence. 

What is Self Confidence?

To be sure of what you do and also be proud for the same is the essence of being Self-confident. 

It also means you to know your strengths and weaknesses well. You trust yourself and give your 100% to achieve the best. 

It means you develop a control over yourself and try to bring out all the good qualities in you. You set your goals , think practically and give your work a positive approach. 

Traits of Self-confidence.  

1. Self-love :

It is the ability to feel worthy, without needing anyone to tell you.

Listen to your heart. Make yourself,  your wishes, your thoughts a priority. The best way of self love is “if you  feel it right , go for it and don’t listen to any one.”  

Don’t let the voice of other’s opinion drown the voice of your own soul. Feel blessed for what you are. Value yourself. 

2. No Exceptions  

Don’t be available to all. Let people themselves realize your importance. Don’t let your happiness be a byproduct of someone’s actions. 

Be happy with your own deeds. Let people recognize you as who you are. You should be okay if someone comes and goes. Because its life. Nobody here is permanent except for your ownself.  

Soo, stop expecting! 

3. Success and Perfection.  

Look into small successes you get everyday. This builds in strength to work more. Find your faults and improve them.  

Look for small details and work on them. This makes your work perfect.  

4. Trust your instincts. 

There in our subconscious mind lies our thoughts. Our instincts are born out of our thoughts. Your instincts are a direct message from your heart. “What your mind speaks, your instincts reveal!” 

Instincts are never wrong. They’ll always benefit you. 

5. Annalise things around you. 

Observe what is going on all around you. You get motivated seeing many things around.  

Like for me, when I see beggars on roads, I feel thankful for the life I am living. When I see an animal hurt and crying in pain, I feel thankful for having a language to burst out my pain. 

Find things to feel worthy. There are a thousand things to make you feel blessed. 

“Before making others proud, first learn to be proud of your self.” 

Use your strengths for the benefit of the society. Work for a good cause. Support the truth. Respect your supporters.  

This all about what is self-confidence?  

Thank you for reading my article. I will soon come up with a new inspiring blog. If you like my article please share and comment. Hope you are enjoying. Till then, stay tuned with us.  

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