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White Fungus cases in bihar: causes, symptoms, risk and treatment

After black fungus now in patna bihar 4 cases of white fungus are found. No one knows more about this infection it’s very rare kind of disease. So nobody is aware about it.

Here I am sharing a little information about white fungus and it’s symptoms, risk, and treatment.

What is White Fungus?

White Fungus is a fungal infection which affects lungs, brain. Heart and other body parts. It is also known as candidiasis.

What causes white fungus?

When people with low immunity meets objects that contain fungal mould spores then, white fungus is caused.

Overuse of tap water to moist the room attached to an oxygen cylinder can increase high risk of infecting with white fungus. all the person who stays more time in ICU or on ventilator.

Symptoms of White Fungus?

Symptoms of White Fungus is very similar to that of Coronavirus. People who got infected with white fungus shows the same symptoms like as Covid-19 but their test reports gets negative.

studies of some report says that the patient who is infected with white fungus there oxygen level get very slow. so after taking anti-fungal medicine there oxygen level again becomes normal.

there is a only way of diagnosed is through CT-scan or X-ray machines.

people who had a diabetes and staying long on steroids has a high risk of getting infected by this white fungus.

Who are on more risk due to White Fungus?

Doctor says that those people who have weak immunity, those who are:

  • Suffering from Diabetes and cancer.
  • Taking steroids for a long period of time.
  • Covid-19 patients are more prone to white fungus as if affects lungs and shows the similar symptoms like that of coronavirus. And those who spent lot of time in ICU.
  • And have kidney failure these all need to take special care as they are at more risk.

How to treat white fungus?

Antifungal medications can be used to treat the patients with white fungus infection. According to the health departments and doctors whose patients who infected with white fungus were treated with antifungal medications and they also have shown improvement in their condition.

Type and dose of antifungal medication depends on the patient’s age, immune status, and severity of the infection.

 It’s a warm request to everyone please;

 Stay Home Stay Safe,

Maintain Social Distancing,

Keep sanitizing yourself!


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