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Wikiwand: The Wikipedia Extension for Chrome

There are many browser extensions are available to make our browsing experience efficient and fast. One of them is wikiwand extension. This is a google chrome extension which is used for the making your Wikipedia browsing modern and very user friendly.

We know that Wikipedia is a world renown website, and it is the archetypal encyclopaedia website, containing knowledge of anything from history, science, pop-culture, fiction and lot a more.

So, it is very popular and favorite site to expand the knowledge of one’s. To make the Wikipedia user-friendly and give efficient UI experience to the user the wiki wand is developed.

What is Wikiwand?

Wikiwand is a chrome extension developed for viewing Wikipedia articles. Which is available on several web browsers as a free browser extension. It adds a proprietary interface with custom navigation, advertisements, and sponsored articles.  

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The traditional black on white texts stay the same, yet everything is arranged in a more modern and minimalist fashion, befitting the year that we are currently in.

Besides the font change, color palette and the rearrangement of certain UI elements, the extension also brings some extra tools that will make your Wikipedia browsing more efficient.

History of Wikiwand :

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Wikiwand (originally WikiWand) was founded in 2013 by Lior Grossman and Ilan Lewin. It is officially launched in August 2014.

The interface includes a sidebar menu, navigation bar, personalized links to other languages, new typography, and access to previews of linked articles.

The interface also includes display ads and sponsored articles. On July 2020, a sample Wikiwand webpage had 6 display ads and 36 sponsored articles.

Five display ads are in the main content section of the article, one is in the left-hand side navigation bar, and the sponsored articles are below the article content.

Availability of Wikiland:

The Wikiwand interface is available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as via Wikiwand’s website. In March 2015, Wikiwand released an iOS app for iPhone and iPad.An Android app is currently under development.

According to Grossman, “It didn’t make sense to us that the fifth most popular website in the world, used by half a billion people, has an interface that hasn’t been updated in over a decade.

We found the Wikipedia interface cluttered, hard to read (large blocks of small text), hard to navigate, and lacking in terms of usability.

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