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Women Empowerment- 7 Ways to Empower.

8th March, the whole world celebrates this day as International Women’s Day, on this day every individual’s word to honor, respect, and value the women in their lives. In our gender-based society, how do we ensure gender equality all year long?

In this world, where people often misjudged her as the most trivial person, can we say that women are empowered in this world? Probably not.

Before we talk about women’s empowerment, we should know why we need to. The reason is universal. Women deserve to be empowered and also deserve equality because certainly, the gender of this sex is not weaker.it is their right to get all the benefits and opportunities, and no limitations to live a free life for years.

1. Ways to women empowerment.

Empowerment begins with meaningful steps that bring more positive changes in this world. Below given some ways which help you to empower women all around the world.

2. Women’s safety.

In this street, women everyday fight with unspoken war, some are molested, some assaulted and some violated. The truth is, there is no safety for women anywhere, since not any horrific cases occurred inside offices, homes, and cities.

While the government should initiate strict laws for the security and safety of women. Moreover, we all need to keep our eyes open for unethical doers.

3. Give her proper education.

Women Empowerment- 7 Ways to Empower.

An educated girl can become an independent person, and not only live her life on terms, but also change the world with good manners. As responsible citizens, it is our job to take the first step. Furthermore, also help the urchin girl who begs for the elimination of hunger and lives under the bridge. So, I believe that every girl needs and deserves to be educated. Teach one of each girl in our society and open the new path for her bright independent future. 

4. Healthcare for women.

Safety is not just the solution to fighting against criminals but creating a safe, survivable environment for all women. Make sure to give them a safe, holistic environment and regular check-ups.

5. Save a girl child.

Women Empowerment- 7 Ways to Empower.

We now focus on women empowerment, but what will happen in the future when there will be no women. in many parts of the world including India, they will kill the girl before birth. There are so many reasons, but the consequences are horrible.

6. Teach her job skills.

Women Empowerment- 7 Ways to Empower.

Even a small skill is enough for a girl to start a career. Like to do gardening, sewing, crafting, and many more arts. These little efforts help them to start their own small business. 

They can share their ideas, and become the ideal for others and also teach them others and make their life. Because of new ideas and help to other women, it is the beginning of the women empowerment initiation.

7. Raise your voice against gender inequality.

Raise your voice for above all rights. Furthermore, stand up with every woman, and help to decrease the prevalent gender disparity in all the society.

8. Give her all freedoms.

Do not travel late, stay with limits, these every restriction we imply on women. Now the time is changed, do not bind them chains with the orthodox views. Give them the total freedom that they deserve.

Do you need to change something? Change your mind, make it broaden, and see the women’s great achievements.

Start women empowerment:

Start women empowerment with your families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Appreciate those who already start their day before you. 

Say thanks to your mom and teachers who always encouraged you a year ago. Even say thanks to your sister who always inspires you at every step of your life. Thanks to your daughter, who always smiles and her smile fill your day with joy.

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