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World Day Against Child Labour Day 12th June 2021: 160 Million child are labour in world.

“World child labour day” is also know as a world day against child labour. This day is celebrated in behalf of encouraging activist and countries who are taking strict actions against child labouring. Let’s know more about child labouring and its facts.

History of World Day against Child Labour.

World child labour day is first celebrated and launched in the year of 2002 by the International Labour Organization (ILO). In the intention of getting together of everyone who are fighting against child labouring. Like activist, NGO’s, Government organizations, Civil societies, and other peoples and employs which are doing their best duty to stop child labour. So, on every 12th June of the year ILO celebrate this day.

What is child Labour?

According to International Labour Organization (ILO) you can’t classify all work done by children as a child labour.

some work which is not effect on the mental and physical health of children’s and also not stopping their growth and personal development are not consider as a child labour work.

Some of the activities like helping their parents business, doing some activities like dancing, singing, acting, art etc, doing some work for earning extra pocket money in school holidays, are not consider as a child labour because it is helping them to developing their skills and experiences.

So, we can define “Child labour” as a work where childhood of children are spooling, downgrading their abilities and potential, harming there mental and physical health and development are consider as a child labour.

Minimum age of child labour is different according to countries.

Work consider as a Child labour.

here is the list of work where you can’t employ any child.

  • work like sealing and trafficking of children.
  • Forcing them to do continues work.
  • Using them for sealing drugs and arms or other illegal things.
  • Using them for begging.
  • Child prostitution and pornography.
  • All types of work that effects and harm the health of children.
  • Work at lover safety places like, underground tunnels, under water work, dangerous heights and less space area.
  • Work in unhealthy environment like hazardous area, high temperature area, high noise level area, or vibrating area… etc
  • Working between heavy and dangerous machinery, equipment and tools.
  • Night duties.

So, this all kind of work which is in difficult conditions and effecting children health and taking away their schooling and right of education are consider as a child labour.

Number of child labour in world.

According to report of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNICEF 160 million children are working as a child labour worldwide. There were an 8.4 million children are increased in last four years.

The report says that there was a significant rise in number of children aged 5 to 11 years in child labour. Each 10 of the 1 child is child labour according to world population. Number of children from the age of 5 to 17 years working at hazardous area.

Child labour in India.

As per Indian “child and adolescent labour Act,1986” a child or person below the age of 14 are prohibited as an employment at any workplace. It is a serious criminal crime to employ any child for work. Children from age 14 to 18 are consider as a youth and this low allows youth to be employed expect some of the dangerous works.

Indian government “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act,2009” is mandatory that all the children aged between 6 to 14 years have a right to get free and compulsory education. It is also mandatory to reserve 25% seats in private schools for allocating to economically backword group.

So, with the years now rate of child labour is becoming down in India.

Number of children in employment 2021 as a child labour.

Here is the number of children employment in different regions of world according to latest report of IOL.

CountyEstimated Numbers (in thousands)
Arab States3,447
Asia and the pacific67,960
Europe and Central Asia11,886
* This all numbers are estimated by IOL.

How we can stop child labour?

For stopping child labour, we all need to stand up against child labour and have to raise our voice against child labouring. Don’t and never employ any child for work at your workplace, office, factories, etc.

Encourage every parent to educate their child and if you are financially capable than donate for their education.

Support your government and activist who are fighting against child labour. Always remember one thing that today’s child is a future of tomorrow.

Let’s celebrate this World Day Against Child Labour together and encourage that peoples who are making lots of efforts to reduce the rate of child labour in all around the world.

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