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World Picnic Day 18 June celebration and ideas.

World Picnic Day is celebrated on 18th June. As we are easily able to celebrate it with our friends and family. It has become a culture as everyone in the entire world is celebrating it. It is a great way of bringing people together for a get-together or entertainment.

History of World Picnic Day.

World Picnic Day is celebrated in many countries it is like a simple opportunity to enjoy eating outside. In 2009, the Guinness Book of World Records made a note of record for the largest picnic in the world. The world record has been made with 20,000 people in Lisbon, Portugal.

World Picnic Day was started in the mid-1800s after the French Revolution. This day is started celebrated in the 19th century in England became an elaborate social occasion.

How you can celebrate this Picnic Day in 2021?

As the pandemic is going then also, we can celebrate picnic day by celebrating in the backyard of the house taking food over there by playing games doing get-together with family and friends.

We can invite the people at the place and can celebrate at tares if you are not having backyard but make sure that the limited number of people should be there and social distance should be maintained so that enjoyment can also have with all the precautions.

You can have lunch and dinner outside with friends and family and can spend the day well.

Ideas for Celebrating Picnic Day.

  • For a picnic one can go to the beachside.
  • Sunrise picnic can also have in the early morning to see the sun rising at early.
  • Can also go outside the town for a long picnic of 2 or 3 days or more than it.
  • One can also have a themed picnic in which the theme has decided, and they are dressed and bring food according to that.
  • They can play childhood favourite games and recall old memories and friendships.
  • One can go to a zoo or any historical place for a picnic. 

Food Suggestion for Picnic Day.

The food at a picnic can be taken according to your taste and choice but it should be such that does not get stank early.

For example, you can take sandwiches, salad, fruits, dry fruits, soft drinks, some fresh bread rolls, bread butter, some snacks, chips, and lots of others.

Experience of Picnic Day everyone has once in their life.

As in school time once in their life, they have visited picnic from school in the school bus with school friends and teachers in their childhood. Those days are unforgettable and the fun and memories. Sometimes we get a flashback of those memories of school picnic and the friends.


Live each day of life has it is the last day enjoy with your friends and family go on a picnic with them spend time to share happiness and create memories which be together for a lifetime.


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