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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

YouTube Clips: A new features for Live Streams.

Now a day YouTube is testing a new feature which called a YouTube Clips which will going to allows users to make short, sharable short videos from creator’s live streaming and videos.

Why YouTube started Clips feature?

Because YouTube Gaming creators team received a lot of feedbacks and queries from gamers, video creators and viewers. Because they wanted an easy way to capture and create short video of any videos and streams which is sharable as a particular content.

So, now YouTube started testing of this new feature with small group of creators and started gathering feedback about it.

Lester a Global Head of YouTube gaming creators twitted today about this new feature of YouTube.

He shows that how clips on YouTube allows you to select a 5-60 second segment of a creator’s content like video upload and streams that can be shared with others across platforms.

so, now you can easily create clip of any videos for sharing a particular part and moments of video.

How You can test YouTube Clip feature?

Visit the below Video link to try out YouTube clips by yourself.

if you are viewing any content from one of channel which is the part of this experiment, you’ll see Clip Icon under the video that will allow you to select a portion of video that you want to clip.

This clip will be played as a original video and loop repeatedly.

Benefits of YouTube Clips.

  • Easily create a clip from any particular long streams and uploaded videos.
  • It will save you time rather than watching full video for particular moment.
  • You can easily share particular part of video rather than full video.
  • Helps you to create special moments from long videos.

To, Know How to use YouTube Clips Visit Below Link.

Creation of clips is currently available on desktop and android devices and it will be coming soon for iOS devices.

Creators now enjoy using this amazing new feature of YouTube. Share this article if you think it is knowledgeable and comment your reviews. Stay tune with us for more articles. 

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